Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Night Sky Princess

A poem I wrote, Called "night sky princess" describing the very beautiful moon.. Atleast trying to :-)

Oh shy princess!
Princess of the night skies...
your face hidden beneath dark clouds...
beautiful moon,
your beauty shines out in the dark
reminding me of jades stones so black..
your shyness has the astrals ammused
when I see you, I feel happiness in total.
Even amidst the blackness
you shine out like an angel in wonderness.
I look at you in astonishment;
unable to understand whats in your beauty
is it the darkness or your smile so smirky...
oh princess of the night skies..
I look at you for a hope of a new life
the stars revolve around you
and I'm so enchanted I cannot even count a few
I must tell you, your beauty is memerising
and now, I'm falling...
falling into a sleep so deep
with dreams of happiness and joys
all under the eyes of a princess..
The princess of the night skies.
moon! its you i'm talking of, the beautiful moon!


Sole Duality said...

Nice. you really write well, Kirti.

anthem of amnesia said...

dis is d one i liked d best...hoping 2 c more of your optimism reflect in your poems as of luck...