Saturday, July 26, 2008

Places I wish to visit before the end of me..

  • INDIA in complete: India, without a doubt is one of the most diverse countries ever. The rich culture and diversity stands out. The Himalayan range towards the north, the cool valleys of the east, the warm desserts of the westand the beautiful plateaus of the south coupled with extremely rich and vibrant culture and heritage are truly worth savouring. I seriously hope travelling far and wide through out this vast country and experiencing divine pleasure.
  • PARIS: The premiere of France located on the River Seine has always been on my wish-list. This city is a perfect combination of style, class, glamour, culture and most importantly architectural beauty. The city has an evidently romantic feel to it and is also coated with soberness. The history of the city has an elegant glow to it. The Eiffel tower is one place I would like to spend a lot of time at and relishing every second there would be worth it all!
  • VENICE: Heard of the Merchant of Venice? which literature buff wouldn't want to go and spend quality time at a place where William Shakespere composed most of his plays? Venice a compostition of 118 islands (!) put together is without a doubt, a place to be. I so wish I could go there especially during the Venice Carnival with all the fancy masks. The place has a huge historic timeline and still maintains its classical status. Venice is also known for its colourful culture, colourful meant literally. The pristine seas and the beautiful monuments simply brings Venice on my wishlist.
  • ATHENS: Athens, the capital and the largest city of the country Greece. The name of this beautiful place has been derieved from the Greek godess Athena, who happens to be the Greek symbol representing love. Athens is one of the oldest cities in history and is known to have been older than 5000 years. One of world's first civilizations grew in this very city along with the greatest philosophers of time Aristotle, Plato and Socrates. Athens is home to Parthenon on Acropolis a land mark to the early western civilization. The city, again being a coastal one has a very vibrant and blue coast line which has been a hot tourist hub for over centuries.

Well, as of now, I don't have many more cities on my wishlist, but definitely, I would update this column soon. Travel is without a doubt, the yummiest spice of life!

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