Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Aquaintance, Solitude...

Below, is a poem I wrote on solitude from a soldier's perspective.

As I walk through the phase of life,
I miss all the moments I lost at sight.
All my life I’ve lived for others
Yet today, I sit alone talking to myself in mutters.
Through the days that have passed;
My fears have grown, till they could last.
Yesterday was the day I dreamt,
To serve a country of a name so great!
I chose to put my life in vain;
And make sure none of my country-men
Are in pain.

As I walk through the phase of life,
I re-collect the face of a lady, my wife;
Her sad smile, twenty years ago when
I left instantly making her let go…
Her golden touch I can feel being so far;
And yes, I forget, I am at war!
Twenty years of my life, I’ve served
As a courageous soldier!
Today as I prepare to sleep in my coffin
Not a person to close my tomb, with a

Loneliness is in what I’ve lived.
The agony of which in me is filled.
Years and years I’ve yearned for a soul-mate
But, I am far away from ever having a friend.
The cold wind of the Kashmir valley,
Makes me miss the warmth of my village ‘galli’.
I so wish I was back at home
So that I can cherish every moment of my life
With some hope.
As I walk through the phase of life,
I realize that I never walked,
Rather stayed alone like a rot.

Today, as I am done with my job,
Nothing but death seems to be my reward.
I chose to live lonely all my life
So that people like you could smile!
I die all alone with nothing;
But a question;
Why?... Why?... Why?
As I walk through the phase of life,
I realized I was forever lonely,
With absolutely no joy.

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