Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Journey Called "LIFE"

Life is a journey I believe. Actually everyone do. But the thought of life's journey is very different in my perspective. Everyone is born with a reason tagged to himself. Life helps us accomplish all what we are sent here for. Recently, I came across a slide show which compared our life to trains. When I saw it initially, I chose to ignore it and later when I actually chose to read it, I realized that our life is not just a journey, rather it is an expedition. An expedition which is long an expedition for which, we cannot choose an end for ourselves. Noones life is a cup of tea, everyone have their own difficulties to face and their own pains to suffer. I've forever been cribbing about the state of my life, but it was of-late that I realized that I was blessed. I wish I always counted my blessings. I've been blessed with this very life. I've been blessed with a few people whose presence I believe is most special. I've been blessed with certain talents which make me a better person by the day. I've been blessed with a normal functioning body and most importantly a roof over my head and food more than what is required for my survival. Why need I ask more?

I've finally realized that its now time for me to do my part and make others feel lucky. Its time for me to do my bit to improve the lives of others. Though I still feel I've missed out on several good times in life. Today I stand in a position where I believe that I CAN TRULY MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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