Friday, August 1, 2008


“Never thought you’d be gone,
To a world far beyond.
You shall be remembered forever;
In the depths of our hearts which
Shall be happy never.
Because , you’re gone!
To a world far beyond!”

Alisha was sitting by the tombstone of someone whom she loved far more than herself. Tears dripping uncontrollably from her eyes, she was trying hard to stop crying. Each drop was a memory, a memory of someone who was very dear to her.

“ Ma, can you please stop it!” “ Enough is enough! How much of dirty laundry will dad and you air in public? There is a limit for everything!” Yelled Akhil with a tearful voice. “Don’t you tell me what I should do. Don’t be another Arnav in my life. I cannot live with your father any longer! And this time, I shall adhere to my decision and I will not hear out anyone regarding this matter.” Berated avanthika. “But ma!” “End of argument Akhil.” Akhil just walked out of the room slamming the door behind him.

Akhil got into his car and drove to his girlfriend Alisha’s place. Alisha heard his complaints about his parents completely. Akhil was a seventeen year old sanguine boy and all that was bothering him at this very minute was the fact that his parents, whom he loved and adored were on the verge of getting divorced. Both Arnav and Avanthika, Akhil’s parents are engineers working in India’s leading company, “Richardson & co”. Both of them were a very lovable couple. Most of their colleagues often envied their love and compatibility. However, as always said “all good things come to an end” and so did it happen in their case. Their love was on a constant growth just until their ego peeked into their marriage. They were both working as principal consultants and the trouble began just after Mr. Ramdas Naidu, the director of the company took his retirement. Now, it was for them to choose as to who will take over as the director. Both were highly qualified and experienced professionals. Thus began a war, a war between two people, a war between two sexes, a war between a husband and his wife.

“Papa, don’t you want to give your marriage another try?” whispered Akhil to his dad. They were both sitting at the café near Arnav’s office. “Son, marriage is something which requires a man to head the house. You are young now and you won’t understand.” “How can your mother expect me to live, with her taking over as the director? I cannot face the embarrassment Akhil.” “But papa, why do you want to end your marriage? Isn’t it possible for both of you to let go of this option for the sake of your marriage?” enquired Akhil innocently. “Are you crazy? Don’t be so gullible. I’ve been waiting all my life for this day and you ask me to forget it? Not over my dead body Akhil!” yelled Arnav rudely. “What about me dad?” asked Akhil. “You have a choice, and you better make it before it’s too late. Either Avanthika or me. We cannot live as husband and wife anymore!” Akhil kept staring at his father. He was lost. “Waiter check please!” called out Arnav. “I need to get back to work. See you later.”

It was about six in the evening on the same day. Akhil was sitting in the verandah at his house and was playing with his dog. All of a sudden he heard his mother howl in pain. He stood up startled, and rushed to his parents bedroom. He saw his mother lying on the floor and abusing Arnav with very vulgar language. Apparently, Arnav had slapped her on her face because she called him a spineless man who respects no woman other than his mother, this led to an exchange of words and ultimately resulted in the assault. Akhil moved to his mother and helped her get back to her feet. Avanthika, was highly furious and her face was red in colour and was evidently filled with rage and anger. “I get slapped by this man just because I want to become the director of the company. How dare he raise his hand on me? I will sue you in court for this!” Screamed Avanthika. “Oh just shut up and get out of this house before I give you another slap across your face.” Replied Arnav with a nasty tone. “Ma… calm down… Lets go to Naani’s place” said Akhil trying hard to stop the both from fighting. He somehow managed to pull the rather devastated Avanthika trying to ignore all of Avanthika’s demonizing comments about his father, Arnav. This was not their first fight. However, it was the worst and the last.
“Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort.” Papa Roach’s very famous song was being played at E-11; Akhil’s favourite club. He was on the dance floor with Alisha trying hard to bury his sorrows. After seven shots of dry vodka and two packs of cigarette; it was a clear fact that Akhil was nowhere to being in his senses. “Alisha! Sweetheart, you’re all I have. You will never leave me the way my parents did right?” asked Akhil in an incoherent tone. “Not until my death and if possible even more” replied Alisha. “I need to go to the rest-room” said Akhil and rushed. He bolted the door and began crying. He was in a very bad state and could not even walk straight. All his fears at once appeared right in front of his eyes. He quickly put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a packet of cocaine, rolled a currency note and took into himself as much as he could and finally got himself completely out of this world and into a land; most drug-addicts refer to as heaven. Akhil was a six footer, fair, well built and a handsome looking boy. But the way he looked now, was near scary. His eyes, as red as wine and his face completely drained.
“Akhil…! Akhil you got to wake up dude! Your parents have called thrice already! You have to go to court today for the interrogations of their divorce case remember?” “Akhil.. Wake up you lazy bug!” howled Sidharth, Akhil’s best friend. Akhil woke up sat upright on the bed and began screaming out, “I HATE MY PARENTS! THEY’RE THE MOST SELFISH PEOPLE EVER!”. Akhil’s mental condition was nowhere from being normal. The disgusting ambiance at home and his drug-addiction had caused a severe psychological scar on his mind. Sidharth held on to Akhil as he was in a hysteric state. Meanwhile, Sidharth’s mother came rushing into the room fearing if something had happened to one of the boys. “Akhil.. Akhil, my child calm down. What is it?” “I know what you’re going through, but don’t cry. It’s best for Arnav and Avanthika to have a divorce. You need to live a peaceful life son.” Said Sidharth’s mother consoling Akhil. “Aunty they are my parents! I cannot love them individually.” Replied Akhil with an angered voice. “This is life! You have to take it the way it comes.”

He was now standing strong in the witness box. “Akhil! By your choice do you want to live with your father or your mother?” Asked the judge. Akhil looked very nervous. He turned and looked searchingly, with a glint of innocence in his eyes for his parents. Both of them were standing at two corners like stones with absolutely no sign of any kind of emotion on their face. “Akhil” yelled the judge “You’ve made us wait enough now choose, your father or your mother?” Akhil stood dumb-struck. The judge’s words kept echoing in his mind. His head was now aching terribly. He immediately closed his eyes and wished he wasn’t there. He could neither think, nor feel anything. His body was absolutely numb. Akhil was now on the floor. Everyone including his parents ran towards him. He had fainted. A thick white fluid was oozing out from his mouth.
As the ambulance arrived Akhil was immediately carried and put into it.
Arnav and Avanthika got into the ambulance along with Akhil’s feeble body which she held tightly to her bosom. Akhil’s mouth was swollen and his eyes were closed. He was trying hard to see and speak to his parents. Avanthika had Akhil to lie on her lap and wept loudly telling him that she loved him constantly. Akhil somehow managed to speak a few words. “Ma….papa… please...please promise me that you both will get back together. I love you both so much.. And I’m sure you love me as much too. I’m sorry I got a day like this for you to see. But every time you both fought…” Akhil found it very hard to speak as his entire face was now numb. But some how he managed to speak a little more. “I.. I made drugs my friend. I lived in illusion.” “I’m sorry ma.. I’m sorry papa.. But I love you both.” Arnav was in tears too. Arnav and Avanthika hugged Akhil and all three were in tears. Arnav held Avanthika’s hand tightly and they dreaded every single second as much as they cherished it.

Avanthika stood next to Akhil his face, glowing with brilliance and his body, lifeless. Akhil was dead. As per the post-mortem reports, Akhil had died of brain hemorrhage caused because of high mental instability and large consumptions of alcohol and drugs. Arnav came and stood next to Avanthika and both were crying relentlessly. If they had chosen to live happily considering the need of their son, they would have never had to see this day. Their ego, their happiness ultimately resulted in the death of their only child Akhil. Akhil was cremated in the presence of all his friends and their parents. His most unexpected death caused a lot of pain and anguish in everyone’s heart. Akhil silently walked towards heaven and as he passed he infused in the hearts of all the parents a thought. A thought which made them slowly realize that they ought to hold their children to their hearts and give them the life they truly deserve. Arnav and Avanthika realized how foolish they were and chose to live as husband and wife and spend the rest of their life in the memory of their lost life – Akhil.
Alisha had now realized the blunder she had committed. She realized that she never was a true friend. The love of her life was now dead. As she sat by his grave, crying, flashes of her memory with him came out really bright . She remembered times when Akhil took drugs right in front of her. She remembered the times when she saw him drinking and smoking right in front of her eyes but never actually told him to change his habits. She thought of one day in particular when, Akhil told her that he wished to open a hospital which had a charitable pediatrics unit. “Akhil was such a great person” she said to herself. “I miss you so much!” She some how held herself responsible for his death. She decided to go abroad and complete her studies for she feared that if she stayed there Akhil’s memory would haunt her forever.

10 years had passed since Akhil’s death. Alisha was sitting by Akhil’s memorial and was lost in his memory. As she stood to leave the cemetery she received a phone-call. “Hello Alisha here” she said. “Ma’am we have a meeting with the principal of St. George’s high school tomorrow. Akhil Memorial Rehabilitation centre has gained a name.” said the caller. “Since Akhil’s death, I vowed to help those troubled youngsters who are addicts” said Alisha. “For I know, that behind every youngster’s story of drug/alcohol addiction there is a story of pain and mental depression and an insatiable want for love and affection.” As she walked she left a red rose on Akhil’s memorial which read:

Akhil Arnav Pillai
05 February 1979 – 12 June 1996
“Never thought you’d be gone,
To a world far beyond.
You shall be remembered forever
In the depths of our hearts, which
Shall be happy never.
Because, you’re gone!
To a world far beyond!”



ranju said...

kanda its amazing......truly brilliant!!:)

555apache said...

Director >>>
Divorce >>>
Drugs >>>
Death anD >>>
DAMN GOOD WRITING. Whew! simply excellent stuff. You truly deserve a 'D'.
Deace !