Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Buddy - Stress Yo! :D

Stress is a funny concept altogether. In my understanding it is nothing but a mental condition that is always associated with negativity. More than often, we fail to realize that at times, stress can be fun too. As young students, stress or constant worry is something we constantly face. But the underlying question by the end of the day is, “Is it really that bad?” The answer unfortunately is a blunt “No!”

The stress that each one of us are going through, although subjective, should never be considered to be the worst in its league. However, since all of us have a particular threshold beyond which it becomes difficult for us to carry more burdens on our shoulders, a few simple techniques may be utilized to always bear in mind that life is not that difficult after all.

At an age that is young, relationships play a pivotal role in defining one’s state of mind. It is not just important, but mandatory after a certain point to choose who you want to associate yourself with and who, YOU give the power to influence the way you think. We spend a lot of time worrying about our relationships and this in reality is unnecessary. Just think of it this way, after a few years, you will be laughing about the failed relationships you “thought” that hurt you right now. Most of our emotions are momentary and impulsive. Hence, ending worthless relationships that give you a shoddy perspective is something you must do! Trust me, it will help you feel way better.

And trust me AGAIN, this will help you a great deal in life!

Additionally, learn to respect yourself and never undermine your qualities and your worth. A lot of pressure these days is also associated with low self-esteem. There is nothing that you have which I don’t and there is nothing that I have which you don’t. Strangely enough, this reminds me of a chart-buster Pink Floyd track, “Wish you were here”, which says, “We’re just two souls swimming in a fish bowl.” To think of it, it all comes down to this notion. How different are we, really? Start respecting yourself, start admiring yourself and appreciating the little things you do. Will help you counter stress and trust me, this will help you a great deal in life!

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