Sunday, March 18, 2012

Of Life & Impermanence :-)

Recently, I had a conversation with a good friend when I told her that she treated people like projects. After the conversation and a little introspection, I came to realize, who doesn’t treat people like their own projects. Every relationship has a start, a beginning, an intermediate and an end. When I was really small, I knew this one person until I was about four years old. This person I’m speaking about has a great deal to do with whatever I am today, till date. But then when time came, this person was gone, gone in thin air, *poof*. Today, 18 years later, I wonder, why people make an entry into your life if they only have to leave by the end of it.

The truth is, impermanence is the law of nature. Nothing is here to last and everything must come to an end. I know, right now I’m rattling about things we all know about already. Dependence is another weird factor. In life we come across people who promise more than they can ever deliver. Individuals who swear to life that they will always be there and that they will never let go. I’ve made such promises myself, but the fact that nothing can be ascertained about the mysterious tomorrow is what makes such promises obscure. Impracticability is the word for every day. I’ve never met a single person till date who truly is selfless or can love another person without conditions. Promises which include selflessness, unconditional love, and friendship for eternity are just gibberish talk.  I would say, people who bluntly say that they can be selfish at times and those who don’t promise much can be most trusted.

Today, I miss that person I knew 18 years ago. I don’t miss THE person exactly but I miss the person’s PRESENCE. Knowing the fact that if a person existed, things would have definitely been a lot more different (good or bad) is consoling in its own way. There's this particular scene in the movie Lion King (which happens to be my favorite all time part) when Mufasa dies and Simba looks at him in pain and sorrow. Moments later, he chooses to run away and make the best of his life. That's the point - Your life is too precious to loose it for someone else. Make the best of it, NOW.

But yes, I want to try and be as practical as possible. I have been among those who have made promises of selflessness, unconditional love and friendship for eternity. But today, I want to stand up on my own and fight this battle called life by myself. I want to make terms with impermanence and start believing in my existence more than the existence of anybody I’d possibly depend on. The ONLY thing that lasts with you forever is you, yourself. :-)

 Don’t know if anyone can make sense out of this post. But its just a flow of thoughts in my mind and I did not want to stop it.

Have a nice life, everyone. :-) 

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