Thursday, December 10, 2009

True Perception...

I perceive at this moment,
a sensation eloquent and grand;
I am trying hard to accentuate
and relate to the present, hoping I can reach a stand.
I see it, a sight, which is magnificent and beautiful;
the sea ahead of me so wide and huge;
with waves, enormous yet calm,
a soothing breeze flows onto my face
bringing with it an aromatic scent of floral balm.
I stand on a cliff, with waves ceding their horrendous anger,
delivering salty drops of sprinkled water on my face.

The night is starry, the moon is bright,
the ambiance is everything that is nice.
I walk deeper, venturing into the dense cluster of Casuarinas;
the soft sand alleviating my heels,
as I walk further the moon light brings me more peace.
Hand in hand, my beloved’s warmth I can feel;
draped in white and aglow is she,
her rosy cheeks radiant and warm,
she nudges my arms with a glint in her eye,
assuring me this that she’d stay all through this night.

The doors of heaven must have opened galore,
For true love here blossoms by the shore.
Her adorable words make me wonder;
day never came and this night stayed longer.
Glimpses of our past I now can see,
marriage then children all happy and glee.
our love is still growing stronger,
although my beloved is now 69 and I, 70.
This day, is the day I shall hold on to forever;
A day of love, a day for me to remember.

The night persists, and our souls meet,
togetherness in complete is what we seek,
life has almost reached its very end,
and all we want is to be jubilant.
Love to me is her;
And that’s the love I have always seen,
and today, her arms entwined in mine,
is all that I could forever seek.
My love for you baby, shall never be weak;
It shall be like my soul an everlasting and eterna sign.


phantom's wraith said...

Its strange how nature's beautiful scenes can inspire many to write love ballads. The endless shore line being one of the inspirational locales for many famous ones. Its wonderful on how you put a man s present, past and his hope for the future on the shore line. The soft sand describing his feeling the line...soft sand alleviating my heels.... And like the shore line his love everlasting and eternal... Regardless that he may not have a future for long..

innocencei said...
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innocencei said...

The best part of being in love is growing old with your beloved...In reality very few lucky ones get to experience this...they must be blessed to have seen such wonderful times spent together ...The poem got me thinking about my own views of love...very well written and hoping to see more of it ...

Kirti Mohan said...

The feeling's are mutual.. thats why I wrote this poem.. Thanks you two anyway.. :) :) :)

Adi said...

Poems are such joyful reads. Keeps you in the best of spirits and teaches you a thing or two. Well written. Can't have a debate about that ;-)

555apache said...

WHAT time zone are you in my bro!!??
Just a few months ago
you turned twenty
and now you are SEVENTY!!

Kirti Mohan said...

@Adi: Thanks a lot brother! Poetry can speak a lot and the best thing is that it's purely left to the reader's understanding of the entire scenario. Nothing is pre meditated.

@Ather:The poem's called "true PERCEPTION" Doof!! :P

555apache said...

TRUE perception it seems :P