Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Wannabe Files =)

Just like all other exam holidays, I thought this is perhaps the best time to put my ideas together and come up with a blog post or two. 

Off late, I’ve been rather intrigued by the language used by the younger generation in their day-to-day vocabulary. One such word which drew my attention instantly was the word “Wannabe”. Just the other day, after I heard a friend of mine use it on another apparent “Wannabe” friend I came to think of one big wannabe I personally know of – ME! 

Lets go back in time, perhaps back to the year 1997 when I was all of 8 years old. The thing that used to fascinate me the most back then was the limelight cine-stars happily enjoyed. I would often be so fascinated with every single thing they did and how the television in total would give them so much of popularity that I would really hope I made my debut on TV one day. A big ten years later, thanks to Daiji Global Panvision ;-) That dream to a certain extent was realized.

I remember my sister always enjoying the thunder wherever she went. I always looked at her in awe with a lot of admiration and respect hoping someday that I could enjoy the same position. My sister got the popularity because she had the smartness and intelligence to make it big in life. To my dismay, intelligence was something I lacked when I was in school. To me intelligence meant excelling in language or public speaking which my lecturers and parents whole heartedly disagreed with back then. Science and math wouldn’t even dare go above my head considering how horribly convulsed with a lackadaisical attitude my mind was.  I wouldn’t however EVER miss an opportunity to be something or do something which would earn me some credit, even in pittance. My mother still tells me of instances where I would sweep the school on special occasions such as sports day or school day to simply impress my teachers and hear a few words of praise. It was somewhere around this time that I with such earnestness managed to earn the title of being an attention seeker. A few people still think I’m an attention seeker, but in my defense, when a person seeks attention by deeds of goodness or by doing something that is worth it then to hell with the world and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)! :P 

I’m 21 now and I’m 6 months short of being 22. I’ve lived forever in a world of fascination and enthrallment with a great spirit of ambition and enthusiasm. I had often wished to accomplish a few things in life, small and big. To a certain extent, with gods grace, I’ve managed to achieve a wee bit so far and I still see the journey isn’t even quarter complete! The matter of the fact now is that I proudly declare myself to be a "pukka" Wannabe and every day, every moment I want to be someone that I am not so that I can be better and do better and achieve something that has not been achievable so far. If having a burning desire to constantly be someone better than who you are is called being a wannabe then I'd take all the pleasure in calling myself one.

So to all the wannabe’s in the world like me – L’Chaim, Salut, Cheers! :-) Together, lets paint the world Red!


Phantom said...

we are all wannabes indeed. Its true kirti you have indeed come a long way. To hell with ppl who call us ADD's cause we indeed do suffer from it A-always D-dying to D-Do :) :) and great picture by the way. It has a narcisstic feel to it. Which is apt for this post :)

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Varun said...

ownned!!! you are a wannabe dude :)