Thursday, April 16, 2009

Woman - Eternal

From the time you were born, newly innocent without scorn,
with the first air that touched your skin,
a fickle fortune came to begin.

Cradled as the fairer sex,
So Gentle and Uncomplex,
Societies labels against you pressed,
on your psyches, like a crest.

Choices you've made, battles you've fought,
your true instincts, never distort,
The world did keep on an even keel,
while you were strotting around on your stiletto heels.

Education, Sports, Politics,
Your babies bottles would never conflict,
You took everything to your heart,
Making for yourself, each day,
A brand new start.

You are the Women, We Hear you Roar,
Soft as petals, yet Hard Core!
You are the Earth,
your tears are the rain,
And most importantly, your Love, is the greatest Gift,
Any Man Can Gain.


ranju said...

very thoughtful kanda....

supritha said...

A great read...and a very good piece of work.......i feel blessed to be a women, after reading ur post:) hats off.!

Thirunaryan Embar said...
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