Sunday, November 23, 2008


My heart sings a glum ode,
confining to itself all the sadness in load.
I wish to look around and seek happiness,
but something down there stops me from doing so.
Life for some has been a bed of roses,
for others a reckless adventure;
I wish mine was somewhere in between,
so that I could taste both the wonders.
The glum ode soars through the air,
and peaks itself into nooks and corners.
I then realize that happiness is the least untaken element obtainable.
I then reach the acme of hope,
and wish to wake up a fresh way and walk out of sadness .
Love, I try now, to spread abundantly,
but the person that I am,
I find it hard to wriggle out of where I belonged.
yes, singing that glum ode, singing that glum ode constantly believing that everything is wrong.